Cost A Cake

Cost A Cake contains a recipe for a standard celebration sponge cake that our head teacher Louise Wilson created over 20 years ago, and has been used successfully thousands of times over the years. We have given you the recipe for a plain sponge cake and a chocolate cake, both equally delicious and moist.

  • At The Cake Makery we are often asked for good cake recipes, commonly plain sponge or chocolate and can it be carved?

    Our free iPhone and Android based App will not only give you a great recipe in 8 tin sizes, but it also allows you to change the cost of the ingredients so you can see how much it costs to make very easily.

    We have broken the recipe down so that you can choose the size of tin that you are baking for.
    Check the "Update Ingredient Costs" section and add in the latest prices for your ingredients, based on what you paid for them and it will automatically work out all the costs for the cake and the buttercream in all sizes from 6" - 13" round to 5" to 12" square.

    Note: We have given starting prices based on ingredients we found on the website at the beginning of October 2012.

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    • A recipe for a vanilla and chocolate sponge cake that is perfect for all your celebration cake needs
    • The recipe is availale in tin sizes from 5" square/6"round to 12" square/13" round and works out the cost based on the ingredient prices that you can update
    • An ingredient weight conversion tool - we can help you convert from ounces to grams, or from grams to ounces with this handy little calculator.
    • Ability to set your own currency, £, $ or €
    • Ability to choose if you want the recipe to appear in grams or ounches
    • How to Level a cake - we give not one, but two different ways to Level your cakes, both methods are very simple, and work every time. This section also gives instructions on how to fill your cake and crumb coating ready for covering with sugar paste.
    • How to cover a cake - detailed instruction on how to cover a cake, including tips on dealing with air bubbles, square cakes, icing the cake and the board together, and icing the board separately.
    • Using Tylo powder - how to use your tylo powder to make glue, modelling paste and flower paste
    • Working with sugarpaste - do you get confused with all the different 'paste' terminology? From sugar paste to modeling paste, flower paste or is it gum paste? What are they all and which one should I use?
    • Our fantastic flower paste recipe
    • A great modelling chocolate recipe
    • We also tell you how to make your own modeling paste, and give you tips on colouring your paste too.
    • Recommended: an iPhone 3GS running IOS 5.0 and up, and Android Version 3 and up.
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